The research and exhibition project Exhibition Experiment Muselogy aims at comunicating islamicate art and cultural histories. Against the background of the New Museologies and the demand for social inclusion, we discuss the physical, social and intellectual accessibiltiy of museums, questions of representation and mediation.

It is our aim to combine a critical museum theory with visitor research and exhibition evaluation - to create exciting, thought provoking and timely exhibitions that break up clichés.

We visited more than 39 museums in 9 countries, analysed their exhibitions, their communicative strategies, their exhibition development processes plus their involvement of visitors and non-visitors in the making off. 

Upon these experiences we developed exhibition experiments - together with what we call the museumsdiwan - a very diverse panel of Berliners, amongst them expertes, non-experts, young people, seniors, with or without a personal relationships with the region under consideration. These people help us to reflect upon the objects and our approach to interpret them. 

One central result of our research is our work about the concept of what we call the inreach. We think that the many outreach programmes of museums are insufficient in the long run if the museum is not changing within.  

The project is funded with 640.000 Euro from November 2009 until December 2013 by VolkswagenFoundation. It is based at the Technical University of Berlin, department for art histories and Urban Studies, Chair: Prof Bénédicte Savoy.

Acknowledgement: The project was generously sponsored by 


We would like to thank the following institutions and individuals for their support:

The Museum of Islamic Art Berlin, esp. Dr. Stefan Weber, the FHXB-Museum, esp. Martin Düspohl, Dr. Julia Gonnella, PD. Dr. Ute Frank, Gisela Helmecke, Anna Beselin, Karin Schmidl, Yelka Kant, Dr. Jens Kröger, Heinz Jansen, Dr. Thomas Tunsch, Prof. em. Dr. Barbara Kellner-Heinkele, Nadania Idriss, Prof. em. Dr. Peter Heine, Ulrike Treziak, Ellen Röhner, Dr. Frauke Miera, Dr. Lorraine Bluche, Renate Flagmeier, Dr. Martina Weinland, Peter Schwirkmann, Dr. Fabian Ludovico, Space4, Emily Schalk, Dr. Nadine Riedl, Petra Lutz, Dr. Vera Beyer, Dr. Isabelle Dolezalek, Sophia Vassillopoulou, Özcan Ayanoglu, Corinna Ditscheid, Claudia Wiens, Luise Rürup, dem BKM, Monika Zessnik, Daniela Bystron, all participants of the focus-group discussions and museum diwan, Türkiyemspor Berlin, Giovanna Kröger und Murat Dogan, Barbara Lenz, Güven Günaltay, Dr. Andrea Becker, Rania Abdellatif, PD. Dr. Susanne Lanwerd, PD. Dr. Ingrid Schindlbeck, Dr. Dorothea Kolland, Dr. Schoole Mostafawy, Antonia Marten, Henrike Plegge, Dr. Annette Krämer, Sonja Schierle, PD. Dr. Jürgen Frembgen, Dr. Mirjam Shatanawi, Gundy van Dijk, Kjeld van Folsach, Peter Wandel, Dr. Klas Grinell, Dr. Juliette Fritsch, Eithne Nightingale, Dr. Mirjam Rosser-Owen, Alan Kirwan, Felicity Allen, Dr. Anthony Lewis, Dr. John-Paul Sumner, Dr. Noorah Gailani, Jo Rice, Alessandra Cereda, Dr. Philippe Peltier, Dr. Michael Jung, Gabriella Mann, Francois Lègére, Moira McCaffrey, Jennifer-Boyes-Manseau, Karan Graham, Dr. Gabrielle Tayyac, Dr. Eric Marr, Dr. Alexander Nagel, David Hogge, Dr. Ladan Abkarnia, Dr. Oliver Watson, Iman Abdulfattah, Abdul Aziz Al-Gendery, Dr. Iris Gerlach, Dr. Christian Jung, Dr. Adelheid Wessler, Dr. Vera Szöllösi-Brenig, Dr. Thomas Brunotte, Dr. Wilhelm Krull, Dr. Axel Horstmann. 

The project Exhibition Experiment Museology is a follow-up project of:

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