Christine Gerbich, M.A. has a degree in Sociology, German Studies, Media and Communication Studies from the University Mannheim and the Indiana University, US. She is working as an Evaluator internationally. Currently she is a team member of the Berlin Graduate School of Ancient Studies of the Excellenz-Clusters TOPOI where she is working on exhibiting archaeological objects in the Museum of Islamic Art Berlin. She has written numorous articles on participation, evaluation and museums, e.g. "Social justice and community participation in non-Western contexts: the Marib museum project in Yemen" together with Susan Kamel in Richard Sandell and Eithne Nightingale (eds.) "Museums, Equality and Social Justice" (London: Routledge).


Dr. Susan Kamelis a curator and researcher in museum studies. At the moment she is responsible for a cooperation project between the National Museums of Berlin, Sharjah Museum Department and the Goethe Institute. From 2009 she was responsible for two major research projects on curating Islamic Art and Cultural Histories in the Arab World and Europe. Susan Kamel has published numerous articles on museums, social inclusion, representation and islamicate objects, e.g.  ‘Wege zur Vermittlung von Religionen in Berliner Museen. Black Kaaba Meets White Cube’ (Würzburg 2004) and ‘From Imperial Museum to Communication Centre? On the new Role of Museums as Mediators between Science and Non-Western Societies’  (edited together with Lidia Guzy and Rainer Hatoum, Würzburg 2010). Susan Kamel is working on Content und Audience Development in various museum projects in the Middle East (Yemen, Israel and the Golf States).

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